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Las Vegas commercial / residential real estate market trend analysis

RCG Economics is one of the most trusted sources of research and market trend analysis in Nevada and the U.S. Mountain West. We offer objective, independent strategic advice on economics, demographics, gaming and hospitality, real estate, and a variety of key public policy issues.

In particular, our work on real estate market trends, economic development forecasting, and public policy analysis in Las Vegas and Reno-Sparks, Nevada, as well as in a variety of western U.S regions, is unmatched.


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Informing and Empowering Today’s Leaders

In an age of unprecedented economic and social change, RCG Economics understands the many challenges facing our clients today. When, where, and how to build, invest, grow, and finance are vital questions faced by both public and private sector decision makers.

The complexity of today’s financial markets, the unpredictable U.S. and global economies, and the rising tide of the no-growth and environmental movements have increased the enormity and difficulty of decision-making. Today’s leaders must assess the strength and volatility of every sector of the local, state, regional and national economies. Elected officials must also competently evaluate these factors as they vie with the budget issues of state and local governments.

RCG Economics specializes in the following areas:

    • Urban and regional economic forecasting
    • Commercial and residential estate market trends
    • Public policy research
    • Financial advisory
    • Research and analysis on gaming and hospitality 
    • Demographic, economic & real estate database design and analysis

Operating in Nevada and the Mountain West, RCG Economics’ multi-disciplinary expertise offers a comprehensive and unique perspective that is invaluable to today’s decision makers.


RCG in the Media

4/17/15 – Ralston | LiveRCG Economics principal John Restrepo talks about the ins and outs of the taxation policy reform bills on the table at the Nevada Legislature.

 8/18/14 – What’s Your Point – RCG Economics principal John Restrepo talks about new resorts opening on the Las Vegas Strip as well as Nevada jobs, the economy, and the state of the Southern Nevada real estate market with moderator Jeff Gillan and cohost Rory Reid. (Viewing note: Discussion on the economy starts at 13:49)

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RCG Economics | Financial Advisory | Gaming & Hospitality Consulting | Public Policy Research | Real Estate Market Analysis | Regional & Urban Economics | Nevada Market Trends

Las Vegas commercial / residential real estate market trend analysis

Las Vegas commercial / residential real estate market trend analysis